Plant Care

Lawn Seeding Maintenance

For successful germination and a healthy lawn there are four major areas which need to be addressed. These include watering, soil fertility, mowing, and weed/insect control. Watering Improper watering causes more failures in newly seeded lawns than any other factor. … Continue reading

Plant Material & Planting Bed Maintenance

Watering We water all plants at the time of installation; however, your care is required to establish strong root systems on all plantings. Roots of newly planted stock must not dry out for extended periods of time, especially during the … Continue reading

Sodded Lawn Maintenance

The establishment and maintenance of a sodded lawn requires proper care techniques. While following the correct procedure is not an absolute guarantee against future lawn problems, it does help avoid many common problems which can result in turf deterioration. Watering … Continue reading

Planting for the Birds

Watching birds around your home can be a relaxing, entertaining and educational activity for the entire family. To make bird watching even more enjoyable consider ‘landscaping for the birds’. This will involve the development of a habitat that is more conducive to … Continue reading