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Landscape design

We believe the landscape design process is the most important part of what we do. Everything that follows is dependent upon how the pieces to your puzzle fit. We dedicate more time to the design phase because it delivers the best return on your investment.

Our design process begins with an on-site meeting where we listen to your vision for the project. The next steps include surveying the site to record and draft existing conditions, photographing the site and then producing a preliminary design. We then meet to review the design and note any adjustments needed. Once revisions have been completed an accurate cost can be generated to implement the design.

You can take advantage of our design expertise for projects as small as planting a tree or a planting bed installation, all the way up to developing the landscape for newly constructed or remodeled homes. Detailed plans ensure the best use of time, financial investment and future enjoyment.

Landscape Design of Patio and Plantings