MLI Plant Inventory irrigation
Meissner Landscape, Inc. offers a variety of landscape construction services, including irrigation system installation. Currently, we offer two types of irrigation systems: permanent in ground systems and above ground temporary systems.

We have been installing in ground irrigation systems throughout Door County as long as we have been in business, since 1982. We know what products perform the best with our unique soil conditions throughout the county. Irrigation products vary widely in quality and cost. Meissner Landscape Inc. uses quality components that offer the best value to construct systems that will function for many years at low maintenance costs. Along with installing new systems, we also startup, maintain and shutdown systems on an annual basis.

Another service we offer our clients is temporary above ground irrigation. As with many of clients, the seasonality of our area sometimes makes it difficult to be present for planting or seeding installations. As part of our planting or seeding, we can setup a temporary irrigation system to help get the plants established or the seed germinating for the first several weeks until you are able to take over the water yourself.

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