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Close-up of white-tailed deer in garden eating plants.

Deer Protection

With the exploding deer populations, gardeners are finding it impossible to keep the deer away. Plant damage from deer is very frustrating and can make a gardener want to give

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Newly planted grass seeds start to grow

Lawn Seeding Maintenance

For successful germination and a healthy lawn there are four major areas which need to be addressed. These include watering, soil fertility, mowing, and weed/insect control. Watering Improper watering causes

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Sprinklers watering grass, green lawn in garden

Sodded Lawn Maintenance

The establishment and maintenance of a sodded lawn requires proper care techniques. While following the correct procedure is not an absolute guarantee against future lawn problems, it does help avoid

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Closeup of humming bird

Planting for the Birds

Watching birds around your home can be a relaxing, entertaining and educational activity for the entire family. To make bird watching even more enjoyable consider ‘landscaping for the birds’. This will involve

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Seasonal pruning trees with pruning shears. Gardener pruning fruit trees with pruning shears. Taking care of garden. Cutting tree branch.

Proper Tree Pruning

Why, When and How much to prune Why – For future good health, prune a tree to establish good branch structure, good branch spacing, and one central leader. For safety, prune

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Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

Planting a Tree

Trees that are in containers or balled and burlapped can be planted in spring as soon as the ground has thawed through fall freeze up. Bare root trees must be planted

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Meissner Landscape – Tree Assortment

Selecting a Tree

When choosing a tree, there are several factors to keep in mind. You have requirements you want from a tree, but the tree will have its own needs as well. Choosing

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