Outdoor Lighting

low voltage lighting
Meissner Landscape, Inc. offers complete low voltage lighting services including design, installation, after dark adjustments and maintenance of new and existing systems. MLI prides itself in its low voltage lighting experience and knowledge. Clients enjoy this landscape element as it allows them to highlight and enjoy their outdoor living spaces and surrounding landscape into the evening hours.

A well thought through and designed lighting system is a great way to add safety, security, aesthetics and increased value to any property. Illuminating a portion of the façade, the entry walk and surrounding landscape of your home can add visual interest, safety and security all at the same time. If you have an outdoor living space, such as a patio or outdoor kitchen, we can use lighting to create a certain mood to go along with the space. We can accomplish this with soft and subtle light for that intimate location or festive lighting in a space used for entertaining.

Good systems that will last start with good design and quality components. There are various options available for different tastes and budgets. This enables us to tailor a system to your needs. No matter which options are selected, a well-planned lighting systems will be a good investment and will add to the value of your home.

low voltage lightingIn this rapidly changing field, Meissner Landscape regularly attends educational seminars to keep up to date on the latest technological advances and products. This allows us to know what will work best for each and every client’s needs. While we still use incandescent and halogen lamps in our systems, LED lamp technology is coming to the forefront through its flexibility of different color temperatures and more efficient power usage. As part of the green industry we are always looking for better ways to be more ecologically friendly to the environment and using LED’s is one way that allows us to accomplish this. Not only do they require less electricity, but fewer materials to power the system. In the end, this is yet another tool that enables us to give our clients that ‘Wow!’ effect once the sun has gone down.

We look forward to discussing with you how we can assist you with your lighting needs.

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